5zero offers services based around additive manufacturing (AM)
We do not only manufacture a part, we are helping our clients from the start of the next evolution
We are proud to offer a complete service and take pride in improving it with every project we work on

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We sit down with our client and listen to his ideas and demands. Together we find the right solution regarding feasibility and cost. So we can make sure that we can generate gains either in performance or efficiency or even both.


We provide our clients with multiple production possibilities. Depending on the urgency and size of the project, the client can choose a solution according to his demands.


We engineer and develop the product until it‘s properties are matching or exceeding the set benchmark. The use of automated SW is key to a product’s development time and performance. So we are able to provide our customer with a fast and high quality service.

APS - After Production Service

Together, we analyze the performance of the product, listen to feedback and incorporate everything into a better future solution.

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