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Meet the Team

Pascal Tinner

Business development, R&D

Pascal has a mayor background in Mountainbike-racing, specially on the R&D side of things. Being on the forefront of technology, it was a big desire to go into AM, in order to be able to manufacture precision parts for racing. Together with his background in business administration, Pascal is our creative mind who set’s out to find solutions and develop new ideas.


  • R&D
  • Engineering
  • Strategic management
  • AM-Projects

Romeo cairoli


Romeo is a very hand’s on guy. He excels in organising the day to day business and all the necessary task to keep the business running. This is due to his background event management, in witch he worked intensely for four years. Even running a ski-resort for a winter was not enough to shake him. Romeo takes care about our day to day operations and coordinates our production site.


  • Day to day business
  • Coordination of production
  • Partner management
  • Infrastructure

Dominc Tinner

Sales & Marketing

Still finishing his bachelor degree in digital business management, Dominic is very handy with everything that is IT-related. Also a creative mid, he is in his element when it’s time to market a technically great product. Being the team principal of the biggest swiss MTB-DH team, he also knows a thing or two on how to monitor and coordinate people.


  • Sales
  • Marketing
  • Monitoring
  • IT

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